June 21, 2020
  KrSYS hashing instructions
  KrSys is the world's most promising computing currency in 2020. KrSys has brought a block to the world that will never cause blocks to be generated too quickly or too slowly due to fluctuations in computing power, which can prevent most malicious calculations. Force attack. So it is definitely another worthy currency after Ethereum.

KrSys is still in the early stage of testing. After all of our algorithms are deployed and after a period of testing, we will disclose all development resources to the world and accept the audit of the open source world to confirm the security of KrSys. Here In the previous process of continuous replacement, the main network coin Kr(C) was used as the return of computing power support while obtaining the user's computing power support. The growth of Kr is inseparable from the publicity and promotion of users. We also use the token Kr(T) released on the Kr blockchain as a return. Before going to the exchange, KrSystem relied on the team's own strong financial strength. After the completion of each major test phase, Kr(C) repurchase activities will be carried out. Any doubts about the strength of KrSys will be received by us, but Please remember that this is our ability, not our obligation. The value of Kr is still zero.

KrSys uses WebSocket technology to access the mining pool. In order to simplify the user's difficulty, we used the AutoHotKey development language and created the KrsysMinerTool tool to make mining easier.

All you need to do is to download our mining support package and unzip it to the root directory of the C drive of the computer, or one of the directories. The path of this directory should not be too long. Please keep only English characters in the path.

Then log in to your mobile phone software, get the mining address, and write it to the interface, at the same time write the name of the miner, such as w001, and then select a suitable algorithm and click start.

We will issue mining rewards once a day. Before all the algorithms are released, we can guarantee that the amount you get every day is over. At the same time, we will also use the coins mined in the previous period as rewards for your top two promoters. However, each user can only receive up to 36+36*36 effective offline rewards. Our system will never support more rewards, and we hope that the coins are evenly in the hands of more people, and Not less.

At present, there are still users mentioning the issue of coin trading. We would like to say that this has just begun.Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them. And how much more valuable you are than birds! As long as we do what we can do well, God will also see our efforts. Perhaps the next coin owner, KrSys, let us work together for this.

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