June 22, 2020
  Statement on mining (含中文版本)
  krsys attempts to use industry-leading algorithms to solve the blockchain stall and blocked problem,and there is a corresponding technical discussion (
We will successively launch a comprehensive mining pool of up to 36 algorithms to confirm such technological assumptions. Great hashing black hole technology will lead more blockchains to greate again.
As we all know, some people are particularly good at learning and using other people’s technology instead of innovating on their own. Until all the algorithms are deployed, we will not open our source code. Some of them are not so respectful of others developers, in their own interests, secretly remove the development fees of others. We will not comment on this, but such behavior is not so in line with our philosophy.
At the same time, we also refer to the code of programs such as bitcoin, so we will respect these developers and publish our results while publishing our computer wallet.This is our power and our obligation.

Here are a few questions to answer, although these questions may not be a problem for professionals at all.
1 the problem of computer viruses in mining software,you can use your approved software to discover Kr coins through the following guidelines.
It seems to be reflected particularly strongly in only a few countries, which is related to the software you use.

A Run follow command

kragent.exe -miner YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS

This will set up a secure link to our mining pool on the local 41000 port.
B Want to use the randomx algorithm to mine our coins,you should connect to the local 41000 port and use your wallet address as the username, rx as the password, and specify a unique miner name.
Want to use the ethash algorithm in the DAG algorithm classification to mine our coins, also connect to the local 41000 port, and use your wallet address as the username, eth as the password, and specify a unique miner name.
If you don't know how to operations this , it is still recommended to use the UI program , what we provided.

2 About the display of the connection to the ether mining pool in the GPU algorithm program.
We respect any excellent developer and connect to the ether mining pool because of switching to the development fee mode.
This DAG algorithm program is the work of other excellent developers.
Special note: DEVFEE is a mining program developer, a way to obtain development returns by extracting very little computing power, and its name can also be seen as development costs. This method can also be closed by parameter. However, we did not do that.
The DEVFEE mode is a way to thank them for providing excellent program.
To respect those developers, we have retained this mode.
If you have different views on this, you can refer to the above and run a program that you think is more reasonable, instead of blamelessly.

3 The difference between mobile mining and computer mining.
As we previously declared, the KrT mined by mobile will be contract tokens running on the main chain. Both of they are take extraordinary value!
In the future, KrT will have many applications, because its holders exceed 380,000, and even excluding certain cheater , the number of holder is still considerable.
KrC can only be obtained by computer hashing, which makes the value of KrC easier to express and calculate.
The value between the two will be decided by the market, but not by anyone else.

4 Unstable mining
Participants in multiple countries have stated that the service is robust and reliable.
From what we know, users who use Chinese seem to have more problems.
This may also be because they access to the world's Internet is not so easy.
We have no intention of setting up a dedicated server for you in a short time.

The following is the Chinese version , using machine translation. If the meaning is not clear, please refer to our English version

(以下是中文版,使用机器翻译。 如果含义不清楚,请参考我们的英文版本)




kragent.exe -miner YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS





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