July 15, 2020
  July 15, 2020 Activity Notice (含中文版本)
  July 15, 2020 Activity Notice

Thanks to all members for their support of the KrSYS project. In the past month, we have achieved great success in both APP and mining pools. The Kr project created a miracle on the fifth day of the launch, with more than 300,000 users, and the Pi coin took nearly six months. By now, the number of KrSYS users has exceeded 400,000.
Today we announced that we have created another miracle. The peak value of the DAG algorithm mining pool exceeds 10GH/s, and the peak value of our RX algorithm mining pool also exceeds 1MH/s. Such a miracle is inseparable from the support of each member.
KrSYS is a leapfrog project and a growing project. The long-term value of the KrSYS project is obvious.
Many members inquire about the value of KrT through our support system. Due to the influence of the market, we cannot give a clear commitment.
But what is certain now is that both KrT and KrC are what we value.
It can be revealed in advance that in the time before the KrSYS project was actually listed on the exchange, all people who are really enthusiastic about the KrSYS project will certainly be able to obtain generous returns from our system. This is certain, because our team is very Powerful.
In order to thank users for their trust and support, we have introduced safeguards for value repurchase procedures. At present, we still need more real users to verify our system, and more computing power to verify our theory. When the computing power reaches our set target, the value repurchase process will be started regularly. These returns will be some kind of digital currency that can be directly exchanged with the legal currencies of various countries, and will be issued to users who are truly enthusiastic about the KrSYS project around the world.
According to our event rewards policy, a total of 8294.4KrC and 97017.1141KrT will be sent out from June 21, 2020 to July 10, 2020

New activity, No: 20200716
From July 16, 2020 to August 15, 2020, additional rewards are sent every day.
Number of rewards
Level 1 recommended user KrC mining rewards, 5% of which
Level 2 recommended user KrC mining rewards, 3% of which

A total of 80,000 blocks that have not been publicly mined to users, a total of 288,000 KrC coins used to issue rewards, after sending the previous activity rewards, there are now 279705.6 KrC remaining.

In the future, every time an algorithm is added, the coins that miners have obtained will be more precious, because fewer coins can be allocated per algorithm per day. Please cherish the current 18 times mining opportunities.

(以下是中文版,使用机器翻译。 如果含义不清楚,请参考我们的英文版本)


感谢所有成员对KrSYS项目的支持。在过去的一个月中,我们在APP和矿池中都取得了巨大的成功。 Kr项目在发布的第五天创造了一个奇迹,拥有30万用户,而Pi硬币花费了将近六个月的时间。到目前为止,KrSYS用户数量已超过40万。
今天我们宣布,我们创造了另一个奇迹。 DAG算法挖掘池的峰值超过10GH/s ,而我们RX算法挖掘池的峰值也超过1MH/s 。这样的奇迹离不开每个成员的支持。
KrSYS是一个跨越式项目,并且是一个不断发展的项目。 KrSYS项目的长期价值显而易见。

总共有80,000个尚未公开开采给用户的区块,总共288,000个KrC硬币用于发放奖励,在发送之前的活动奖励后,现在还剩下279705.6 KrC。 将来,每次添加算法时,矿工获得的硬币将更加珍贵,因为每天每种算法可以分配的硬币更少。请珍惜当前的18倍采矿机会。

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