August 25, 2021
  Notice on August 25, 2021
  Notice on August 25, 2021
1. In order to cooperate with the wealth realization experience activities, the APP will be upgraded to version V59.0 in the near future.
2. Regarding the user's feedback that the APP needs to call the user's mobile phone camera permission, here is a statement. The APP calls the user's mobile phone camera because it needs to support the QR code scanning function and will not be used for other purposes.
3. The KrC coins held by the team need to be used to join the exchange list and other purposes. The KrC coins originally recommended for rewards will be changed to ZEC coins.

The KrSYS project adheres to the principle of freedom and openness. ZEC coins can be withdrawn directly and freely, which is one of the important plans for the development of the KrSYS project. The completion of this plan is another huge leap for the KrSYS project. We always insist on implementing every great plan of the KrSYS project and move on. The success of the KrSYS project is obvious.

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