September 16, 2021
  Notice on September 16, 2021
  Notice on September 16, 2021
In the past few months, JPMorgan Chase began to launch internal Bitcoin funds for its private bank high-net-worth clients, completing the transformation from a giant bank that had never had Bitcoin to a real player in the digital asset field. Kyrgyzstan’s National Financial Market Supervisory Authority has launched a new regulatory framework to give cryptocurrency exchanges legal status. The draft article stipulates the status, functions, rights and obligations of crypto exchanges, as well as mandatory requirements for crypto exchange activities, and its national registration procedures in the unified national registry.
The KrSYS project has carried out a large-scale promotion. More and more users have joined the KrSYS project. At the same time, it is valued by many organizations in the industry and negotiated for cooperation. And many institutions have reached a strategic cooperation framework. In-depth cooperation and development will soon be carried out. Complete the third major update of the mainnet version. This version optimizes the transaction pool mechanism and improves the security of the system; optimizes the design of the blockchain virtual machine, and adds BOR instructions to further improve the throughput of voting applications ; Currently APP V59.0 version has entered the final testing stage. This is a huge leap forward. At the same time, it will also reflect the results of cooperation with institutions in the digital currency industry.
Again, KrSYS is a Hashcoin public chain project. The higher the hash power, the more it reflects the value of the KrSYS project. It will also increase the value of Kr coins in the hands of users. It is precisely because of the hash power coin project that it has more followers. Recognized by more users and the market.
The KrC coins originally recommended for rewards will be changed to ZEC coins. This feature has also entered the testing phase and will be implemented soon. Please don't be surprised.

Continuing referral reward activities

From September 16, 2021 to November 15, 2021, a period of 2 months. An event numbered 20210916 will be held, and other referral rewards will be sent every day. Reward rules:
KrC mining rewards level 1 recommended users, of which 4.0%
(Decrease by 0.1% from the previous period)
KrC mining rewards level 2 recommended users, of which 2.0%
(Decrease by 0.1% from the previous period)
According to our activity reward policy, from July 16, 2021 to September 15, 2021, the recommended reward is 19927.296 KrC, and the remaining activity reward fund is 126269.568 KrC.

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