October 16, 2021
  Notice on October 16, 2021
  Notice on October 16, 2021
As inflation has intensified, JPMorgan Chase has purchased digital currencies instead of gold. The price of the digital currency BTC has exceeded 60,000 U.S. dollars and restored the asset's market value of 1 trillion U.S. dollars. The recent rise of the Lightning Network and second-tier payment solutions. Looking at digital currency from this perspective, we can understand why people call it "digital gold." Digital currency is very similar to gold. Its "wealth carrier" function is strong, but the "transaction intermediary" function is weak.
When the global economy is in chaos, more wealthy people will pour into digital currency to store value, which will lead to a bull market in digital currencies. When the global economy resumes normal development, some rich people will exchange digital currencies for real-world assets, which will lead to a bear market in digital currencies. As long as the global economy continues to grow in value, a long-term bull market and a short-term bear market will become a reality because of the overall increase in wealth. Therefore, we also have to have a long-term vision of holding digital currency for a long time in order to realize the freedom of our wealth.
With the huge increase in the price of BTC digital currency, it also marks the re-emergence of the industry and the arrival of a bull market. The KrSYS project has also reached a critical upgrade stage at this time.
On November 1, 2021, we will release the V59.0 version of the application.
Starting from November 10, 2021, the KrC coins originally recommended for rewards will be changed to ZEC coins.

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