December 1, 2021
  Notice on December 1, 2021
  The supply of digital currency has nothing to do with the Federal Reserve or any central bank. This means that it should not be affected by any inflation policies being implemented around the world.
When you look back at the entire history of the Internet, you have reached the point where we need agreements to create decentralized identities, and use decentralized identities to escape the "prisons" they built. If we have a decentralized identity system, suppose you use it as an identity in Twitter, just like you use a Twitter account, you can publish messages directly from your personal data storage. No one can say that your identity does not exist, or that the message you posted does not exist. By the same token, your digital assets exist on the public blockchain of KrSYS, and no one can say that your assets do not exist. These are also the "freedoms" to be realized by the KrSYS system, your life is free! Your freedom of speech! Your wealth is free!

The KrSYS system has been continuously upgraded and progressed in accordance with the plan. The number of users continues to increase steadily. The influence is constantly expanding. At the same time, the value of KrT and KrC coins will continue to increase. Mining KrT and KrC coins now, you will get rewards in the future.

About the ZEC coin withdrawal function award will be opened in the near future.

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