January 1, 2022
  Happy New Year!
Spreading the KrSYS project is what every KrSYS member should do, and they are all happy to do it.
What you get from the KrSYS project is not only coins, but also the hope and courage of the blockchain. The more you spread the KrSYS project, the more you let this hope be released, and you will grow and rejoice in it.
Some people think that spreading the KrSYS project is only the responsibility of foundations or enthusiastic groups, or that people who are usually willing to share can spread the KrSYS project. But let us observe that all successful blockchain projects show that all members should spread the KrSYS project. And spread the KrSYS project can also get additional rewards.
In order to better spread KRSYS, three tasks that are not very easy were set during the Venus stage. Get 100 KRC coins, 360 KRT coins, and share three times on the Internet and submit a link for sharing. Pass the tasks at this stage, will get the corresponding opportunity. It will be described in detail later.
KRC coins need to use a suitable computer to obtain this process is part of the value of the blockchain. KRT coins require patience to keep getting them.
It is simple to make three sharings on the Internet. You only need to paste the shared content of the KrSYS project on a network site such as Twitterak or Facebook. Then fill in the link address of the article you shared the KrSYS project into the corresponding position on the "MY" page of the APP.
We have discovered some bad phenomena in the past few stages, and we should put an end to them.
1. Some users did not share the KrSYS project at all. Participating in the KrSYS project is to share the KrSYS project. Therefore, the member who fails to share the KrSYS project is the most failed member. Sometimes people who are often involved in blockchain activities think that when they mine KRT coins or KRC coins every day, they are "silent spreading the KrSYS project". But it is not. They may have overcome many difficulties when doing these things, but the meaning of participating in the KrSYS project is to tell others about the KrSYS project.
2. Distorted information. To spread the KrSYS project in its entirety is to fully state the KrSYS project's information, and even the unpopular facts about Venus's postponement due to the impact of COVID-19 must be fully stated.
3. Teaching the wrong truth. Some people claim that they are spreading the KrSYS project, but what he said is contrary to the actual situation of the KrSYS project. This will bring terrible consequences to themselves and others, which is certain.
4. The KrSYS project is only delivered as an ordinary blockchain. There is a distortion of the KrSYS project, which is to disseminate it as a personal idea, even if others refuse it, there will be no actual consequences. Dissemination of the KrSYS project means to be recognized and convinced, so as to obtain great prospects from the market.
The KrSYS project is more than just a blockchain, and when we spread the KrSYS project, we must truly tell people about the practicality, ease of use and usability of the KrSYS project.
5. Forcing people to make a decision. Only good can make people have confidence and responsibility. If you force others to make a decision, they may just be a worthless decision. This will make people mistakenly believe that he has become a KrSYS project member because of his "decision", but actually does not understand and believe in the KrSYS project.
6. Chasing the immediate and giving up the long-term. Although we want to properly deal with malicious views, such as spending a lot of time debating whether KrSYS miners are helping the foundation to mine ETH coins, it is not spreading the KrSYS project. Don't let the minutiae prevent you from disseminating information about the KrSYS project.
7. Crudely accuse the doubters of questions or objections. This would offend them a lot and quickly stop the KrSYS project conversation.

We hope that in the Venus stage, you will become a better KrSYS member. After the completion of the Venus stage mission, you can immediately convert your KrC coins and KrT coins into Euros. The final conversion price needs to be confirmed by you before the transaction.
The conversion price is constantly changing and is formed by our partners bidding against each other. What needs to be reminded is that the total amount is not unlimited, and if you complete it as soon as possible, you can convert earlier.
The foundation is only the organizer of the conversion, not the price makers and decision makers. Nevertheless, we can reveal some basic information. Based on the current computing power, KRT coins are no less than 0.02 EURT, and KRC coins are no less than 7.2 EURT. Of course, the value of KRT coins and KRC coins has unlimited room to rise.
The factors that affect your conversion price include global factors and personal factors.
The overall factors include: the hashrate of the mining pool on the previous natural day, and the activity level of all members on the previous natural day.
Personal factors include: the length of time that an individual participates in hashrate mining, the average hashrate of individual participation in hashrate mining, the influence of member recommendation information on the network,
Global factors determine the lower limit of your conversion price, and personal factors will determine the upside of your conversion price.
Please be assured that your future is determined by you, and the KrSYS project is a strong background for your success!

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