January 16, 2022
  January 16, 2022 Notice
If you missed our announcement before, we would love to remind you that there are still opportunities to participate in the KrSYS project in 2022 by giving away EURT, rewarding ZEC coins, referring member rewards and many more. Every KrSYS user can fully participate in our activities.

The roadmap for the KrSYS project has been updated

Because of the extraordinary growth in 2021, the number of new developers joining the KrSYS ecosystem has grown exponentially, faster than the KrSYS Foundation expected. The Foundation has updated the project's roadmap and announced some new goals.

In the not too distant past, the KrSYS project went live with its subscription service and managed to multi-authenticate with some of the world’s largest blockchains, once again the scalability of the KrSYS project has been certified. More than 50 applications are running on the KrSYS blockchain.

In 2022 the KrSYS Foundation will implement the KrSYS Project Developer Program. The core team, led by the KrSYS Foundation, decided to re-plan workflows and prioritize specific projects.

First, the Foundation will work to improve the already released leaper program, which will include additional documentation and learning materials, and improve APIs, SDKs and other tools used by authorized developers. The leaper program is a set of development tools with blockchain characteristics, and the fastest way to achieve blockchain success is to join an existing network. KrSYS has invested millions of euros to build the network, establish governance models, develop flexible blockchain technology and more. We simplify the onboarding process and help people join the ongoing actions to transform the food supply, supply chain, trade finance, cross-border payments, and many others. KrSYS ushered in the most disruptive innovator of the era for business. Many startups as well as visionary businesses are using KrSYS blockchain solutions to bring new levels of trust and transparency to supply chains, global trade, international payments, global food supply and more. This presents an opportunity for developers to jointly define leadership roles. How to take advantage of KrSYS leading business-oriented blockchain platform, services led by over 200 industry and technology experts, and a strong partner network to transform a blockchain vision into a business-changing reality.

Second, the foundation focuses a lot of resources on coin exchange activities that are jointly developed for different participants and investors. The Venus program is an important part of our coin exchange program. Members who pass the Venus stage will become better KrSYS members. After the Venus stage task is completed, you can immediately convert your KrC coins and KrT coins into EURT, and you need to confirm the final conversion price before trading. Nonetheless, we can reveal some basic information, of course, that the value of KrT coin and KRC coin has unlimited upside. Then in the member who recently passed this stage, they exchanged his KrC coins for over 120 EURT and over 5 EURT for his KrT coins. The conversion price is constantly changing and is formed by our partners bidding each other. According to the current trend, the exchange order price of KrC coin and KrT coin will also increase. The foundation is just the organizer of conversions, not the price set and decider. The opportunity for wealth is in your time. We also give some suggestions to members who have obtained the exchange qualification through the activity stage. Although the current exchange price of KrC coins exceeds 120 EURT and the exchange price of KrT coins reaches 5 EURT, in the KrSYS project plan, such unit prices are still very low, and you also You can keep KrC coins and KrT coins to gain more wealth in the later stage. Transactions in the KrSYS system will always be free and anonymous.

Finally, the foundation will cooperate with large social service organizations in Russia to make beneficial improvements to ensure the security of user assets. Its development and construction is an important work of the KrSYS Foundation in the near future.

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