January 27, 2022
  January 27, 2022 Notice
At the beginning of the new year, the KrSYS project ushered in a new milestone. According to the big data behind the KrSYS system, it is expected that we will cross a key development node in the next few days. This node will also trigger the value increase condition of the KrSYS system, and the output of KrT coins will be reduced by 50%. This also marks another doubling in the value of the KrT coin.
This is a good beginning. Under the correct leadership of the KrSYS Foundation, we have made great progress in all aspects of our work. 2022 will also be a pivotal year for further advancement of the KrSYS project. We will always follow the goal of project development, strive to serve members, cooperate with investors, and promote exchanges. Gather the wisdom and strength of all members to expand service areas for members; strive to improve the attractiveness, organization, cohesion and influence of the project, continuously develop and strengthen the member team, and actively build a communication platform with investors; strive to improve the quality of members and create A new aspect of project development work.

KrC is obtained by mining on the main chain using the mining machine hashing algorithm. Essentially, KrC is a special solution generated by a series of complex algorithms. Each special solution solves the equation and is unique. The process of mining is to continuously find a special solution to this set of equations through a large number of calculations. This set of equations is designed to have only 36 million unique solutions. Unlike other blockchains, this set of equations consists of 36 different equations including randomx, dag and other complex blockchain generation equations, so the generation of KrC is very complex and unpredictable. Makes KrC a very special coin.
KrT is a KrSys compliant sidechain that uses mobile phones for mining. KrT is a certificate of equity in digital form. It has the advantages of not being tampered with, protecting privacy and not being copied. It can also be traded like KrC, exchanged for common or fiat currency, etc.
KrT coins and KrC coins have always been cherished by us. They will be very valuable in the future. They are integral to the development of the KrSYS project, and our goal is for them to go hand in hand and grow together. We also advocate that users pay attention to the scientific holding ratio of the two coin assets. We also remind all members, please do not use cheating to mine KrT coins. Cheating will have bad effects and results on your account and transactions.

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