February 16, 2022
  February 16, 2022 Notice
1. In order to allow members who actively participate in mining KrT coins and KrC coins to get rewards earlier, we have specially set up a priority channel to open the door of wealth in advance. Completing the stage target tasks can get the corresponding privileges in advance. This is also our attitude, to encourage members who have been actively participating in and actively sharing the KrSYS project. Make sure they feel that there is a world of difference between givers and bystanders.
2. If you don't have a thorough understanding of the KrSYS project, please do not interpret the contents of the announcement of the KrSYS project out of context. Then go and spread rumors that are bad for the KrSYS project. Even if you just want to vent your emotions, it will indirectly depreciate the KrSYS assets you own to varying degrees. So, we can conclude that the negative rumors are not from loyal KrSYS members. It's boring outsiders who are just jealous of the members who have made their fortunes in the KrSYS project. Here, we mainly want to express that loyal KrSYS members should not be affected by negative words, follow the steps of the KrSYS project, and walk into the door of KrSYS wealth earlier and faster.
3. We are also very clear about the priority privileges that can be obtained after completing the tasks of the stage, which is also what the loyal KrSYS members have been looking forward to.
4. The KrSYS project is still in its infancy and has already made a big impact. But our goal is to expand the reach of KrSYS thousands of times more. Then, the value of your KrSYS assets will also increase thousands of times.
5. The door of wealth of KrSYS is always open for you. You can walk into it at any time. Earlier efforts, earlier luck!
6. The Foundation is still actively conducting coin exchange activities jointly formulated by different participants and investors. Currently, there are still new investors requesting to join the coin exchange activities of the KrSYS project. The supply of KrT coins and KrC coins miners still cannot meet the needs of investors, so the exchange prices of KrT coins and KrC coins have increased to varying degrees at the current stage.

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