March 16, 2022
  March 16, 2022 Notice
The solid technical foundation of KrSYS system will be applied in the financial industry.

The consensus mechanism design of the KrSYS system, the data on the chain cannot be tampered with, can be traced to the source, and can carry value, which can ensure that the actual debt claims are mapped to the chain and transmitted based on legal and compliance requirements. The transfer of credit financing links realizes credit transfer, penetration and extension, effectively improves the efficiency of financial credit transfer, and greatly reduces the tedious verification procedures in the traditional process due to the crisis of trust, which can reduce the reluctance of financial institutions to refuse loans. phenomenon, effectively reducing the financing cost of enterprises on the chain. The KrSYS system can improve the efficiency of chain finance credit transmission and reduce financing costs. In the traditional financing process, the endorsement credit of core enterprises will continue to weaken with the extension of the chain, and small and medium-sized enterprises at the end often cannot enjoy the credit radiation of core enterprises on the chain.

The chain financial system empowered by the KrSYS system can form an information architecture with product information flow as the main body, and business flow, logistics, and capital flow jointly supported. significant meaning.
Under the technical framework of KrSYS system, through the hierarchical encryption storage on the data chain and off the chain, the accuracy and non-tampering of data can be guaranteed under the premise of data security and privacy, and the more efficient and autonomous data flow between different applications can be realized. It can constrain the behavior of participants in chain finance, integrate relevant transaction data, and form complete records of online contracts, payments, documents, etc. to verify the authenticity of trade behaviors and break the information island problem on the chain. .

The smart contract technology of the KrSYS system can build the trade contract on the blockchain for penetrating automatic payment, which not only ensures the smooth execution of the contract in the absence of third-party supervision, but also eliminates the possibility of manual operation. The risk of default is guaranteed to ensure the closed flow of funds in the core enterprises of the industry chain and upstream and downstream enterprises, and precise drip irrigation to each node of the chain to reduce the risk factor of financial institutions' loans. At the same time, the on-chain encryption and traceability of supply chain financial information ensures the authenticity and accuracy of the data, allowing regulators to analyze and pre-warn the performance and capital flow of specific companies on the chain. Reduce the cost of supervision and improve the level of supervision. The KrSYS system can prevent contract performance risks in chain finance and improve the level of supervision. The value of finance is to serve the cross-cycle capital allocation, and the blockchain smart contract technology effectively carries this scenario.

The application prospect of KrSYS system is limitless. There are more and more users who are convinced and full of hope in the KrSYS system. Recently, the computing power of the hash calculation chain of the KrSYS system has been greatly improved, which is the best factual data proof. At this point, our goal has gone one step further. The computing power of the hash calculation chain has also reached one of our phased goals. When this goal is reached, we will also stop promoting the rewarded ZEC coin on March 31, 2022, as previously planned. Here, we see our efforts and results. At the same time, the trend also shows that the computing power of the hash computing chain will continue to rise sharply. Please remember that KrSYS is a computing power-based blockchain service system.

Remind all users again. KrT coins and KrC coins have always been cherished by us. They will be very valuable in the future. They are an integral part of the development of the KrSYS project and our goal is for them to go hand in hand and grow together. We also advocate users to pay attention to the scientific holding ratio of the two currency assets.

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