May 16, 2022
  May 16, 2022 Notice
We are pleased to announce that KrSYS Systems' bridging solution "Context" is undergoing a test deployment. With the help of SwIndi and UkLof institutions and end users will be able to send value and call data between reality and the KRSYS ecosystem. This will allow the KrSYS system to obtain other information resources that are actually available, which will then be available in the entire KrSYS project ecosystem through parallel broadcasting of the blockchain.

Unlike validator-based bridges, SwIndi does not rely on a large number of external parties to validate communications, but by leveraging an optimistic mechanism, the pre-set trust assumptions are reduced, as only three trusted arbitrary off-chain observers are sufficient. Confirm secure messaging. Additionally, SwIndi supports arbitrary messaging from the outset, enabling application developers to build native capabilities that can execute batches of smart contracts in a single logical instruction, serving institutional and small retail value transfers.

The UkLof solution allows users to transmit at high frequency and works by leveraging the pool of information liquidity provided by the routers of the sender and receiver, again without introducing any new trust assumptions. Users who transfer value across scenarios use these information liquidity to facilitate the transfer of value information.

The introduction of the "Context" component has brought the entire KrSYS system ecosystem into a new stage, and has also highly tested our information verification environment. Independence verification procedures based on users in different world locations are also required to further improve their own verifiability and event independence. Based on such security requirements, we will enter a higher-level computing power requirement environment "SyEvo" in the future. Once entering this stage, the number of KrT coins mined for each KrSYS system account will be closely related to the number of KrC coins mined. The association mechanism has a certain friendly incentive period for accounts in the early stage of registration. This also reflects the rationality and incentive effect of the association mechanism on project development.

By the day before the announcement, many users who completed the stage tasks had already received their own rewards. The total return value is over 20 million EURT. Through the exchange activities, not only the value of the KrSYS project has been improved, but more importantly, more people will have the coin assets of the KrSYS project. The coin assets of the KrSYS project have been more widely radiated around the world. The KrSYS project also has deeper penetration. The KrSYS system is a computing power-based blockchain application service. The data review at the Venus stage takes up our energy. Please be patient and wait for your response. Please make sure that your mailbox is highly available. Any mailbox that cannot receive worldwide mail may affect your service in the KrSYS system, please use the products of the world-class company, not the blocked ones.

Due to the high frequency of lockdown events that have interrupted our services to specific countries in the past, the efficiency of our normal customer service has been affected and the cost of our continuous service has been increased. In the near future, we may consider stopping the interactive services for users who contribute very little to the computing power of the KrSYS project, and even declare that users in these countries are not trustworthy. Therefore, we also hope that all users will prove their importance to the KrSYS project through direct or indirect computing power. High importance customers will not appear in the future list of untrustworthy users, even if they are in low contribution countries.

The International Miners Support Organization Foundation clearly stated that after the Ethereum POW proof changes to POS, the KrSYS project will become the main project to accept the computing power of the world's major graphics cards.

Remind all users again. KrT coins and KrC coins have always been cherished by us. They will be very valuable in the future. They are an integral part of the development of the KrSYS project, and our goal is for them to go hand in hand and grow together. We also advocate users to pay attention to the scientific holding ratio of the two currency assets.

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