June 16, 2022
  June 16, 2022 Notice
  The value of other digital currencies has fallen sharply recently, but the KrSYS project is constantly increasing in value, which will also be a major opportunity for the KrSYS project to take off again. At this stage, more mining equipment has been put into the KrSYS project. Because they see that the benefits of mining KrC coins far exceed most other digital currencies such as ETH. Join now and call on your friends who are mining ETH coins to become the power of KrSYS for a better future together.

After joining the KrSYS project, many users have been following the development route of the KrSYS project, actively participating in various project activities of the KrSYS project and completing the specified tasks. The rewards they have received at this stage are obvious to all. Most users get tens or even more than a hundred times the return on their investment. High returns are inseparable from their constant belief that the KrSYS project will be a success. At present, there are still many customers who are about to complete the tasks of the gold star activity stage, and they are about to get rich rewards. We are also completing the support work for redemption rewards in an orderly manner. And in accordance with the grand plan of the KrSYS project to fully promote. The work is hard, but seeing the mutual success of the KrSYS project and users is our greatest reward.

It is expected that a new version of APP V60.0 will be released in July, which will be a major upgrade, please wait and see.

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