September 16, 2022
  September 16, 2022 Notice
  Human beings around the world jointly authenticate this change, and the Ethereum project has been converted to a POS mechanism. It has left another deep imprint on the history of digital currency. It is undeniable that such a transition node is of great benefit to the computing power development of the KrSYS project. Recently, many large-scale mining farm owners are in contact with relevant departments of the KrSYS team to discuss cooperation plans for exclusive service access. As we mentioned before, we have already made perfect preparations for a new round of computing power injection. The injection of this round of new computing power is also an addition to the value of the KrSYS project.
Previously, there were also some ignorant rumormongers who claimed that the mining of KrC coins was passed on to the mining of Eth coins. Obviously these rumors will be self-defeating. Of course, the wise will not listen to and spread these rumors. They have always believed in and followed the development of the KrSYS project. And aggressively promote the KrSYS project, so that they have their own strong team to move forward together. They have also been richly rewarded for it. Once again the importance of strong belief in the KrSYS project. Affected by rumors, some users have hesitated in their footsteps, causing them to stagnate or slow down their pace, and they have not yet had a lucrative harvest. Of course, the KrSYS project hopes that they can get back on track as soon as possible. The KrSYS project will also open its doors to welcome and mentor them.
Now we have three good news to announce. Among them are the announcements of plans for the KrSYS project.
First of all, due to a major change in the digital currency market, an important technical force actively joined the KrSYS project. This will drive the progress of the KrSYS project.
Second, we're going to announce one of the plans. In the near future, the network of the KrSYS project will be augmented with a satellite network for double assurance. The arrival of this era will mark that the data of KrSYS project is more secure, the transfer of assets is more free, and the ability to resist risks is further enhanced. Such top technology can provide data security for the European Space Agency's Mars exploration program. This is the leap of technology, the breakthrough of application, and the sublimation of ecology. Once we upgrade successfully, all user assets, node services, etc. will be benchmarked with the space network. The KrSYS project is the first digital asset project to utilize space technology. The addition of the satellite network will solve the problem that the KrSYS project is ignorantly boycotting the digital asset project by some countries. This is something that other digital currency projects cannot do. But we are open, and we will also assist other digital currency projects to develop. In the future, all digital assets can interact through the KrSYS Star Chain.
Third, we are going to announce the second plan. Several Swiss banks are very interested in the KrSYS project. The immediacy, reliability and freedom of cross-border asset flow are what UBS has been striving to serve its clients. The technology and ecology of the KrSYS project can improve the dimension and better solve these problems.

In addition, users who can provide large computing power can also contact us to open exclusive services. Fast lane with priority service.

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