October 16, 2022
  October 16, 2022 Notice
  The KrSYS system has a strong ability to identify malicious behaviors. In daily operation, the system will automatically process accounts with malicious behaviors. Here, a limited number of accounts with malicious behaviors are announced:
Of course these accounts with malicious behavior will be blocked. We found that after some accounts with malicious behavior are blocked, the user will slander the KrSYS project because of the blocked account. We hereby remind everyone not to be deceived by rumors, let alone spread them. Wise people do not listen to and spread rumors.

The KrSYS project has been on schedule. At this stage, the KrSYS gold algorithm has entered the end of the development stage. It will be made public in the near future. On the one hand, we look at the increase in open algorithms of the KrSYS project with an achievement attitude. On the other hand, we also want to remind all users to take good care of the current stage of 18 times the reward of a single algorithm. Of course, when the KrSYS gold algorithm is open to the public, each algorithm will still have 12 times the reward for hash mining KrC coin users.

KrSYS gold algorithm, on the basis of absorbing the advantages of the public chain in the past, proposed its own innovation, and achieved practical results. At the same time, the KrSYS gold algorithm is inclined to the mining output method under the more decentralized proof-of-work mechanism. The KrSYS gold algorithm helps the KrSYS public chain to separate transaction verification and block packaging synchronization to better solve the low scalability, low concurrency, low transaction feedback and block congestion problems of the blockchain. The chain perspective shards the support of some cross-chain protocols for cross-chain transactions, which can help create a public chain platform with higher universality, wider application range, and more prosperous and stable ecology.
From the business level, KrSYS gold algorithm also helps the bookkeeping of the world's gold mining industry. Use the gold encryption algorithm to collaboratively innovate the gold mining industry. Cooperate with the sharing and common use of the world's major gold mining data.

Here we would also like to emphasize the importance of the KrSYS project using Star Chain technology. The international situation also has certain instability. Wars also occur from time to time, sometimes with potentially catastrophic failures in the international interconnection network. This is obviously a bad phenomenon. It will have a huge impact on many countries, residents, industries, etc. Of course, the KrSYS project also foresees this problem. The original intention of the KrSYS project is to bring security and freedom to the wealth of users. To this end, the KrSYS project decided to launch a plan for Star Chain technology. This can ensure the normal operation of the KrSYS network in extreme cases. The capabilities of satellite networks are there for all to see. It can operate independently, and its advantages in war can play a lethal role against the enemy. We don't want war, we want world peace. But at the same time, I am well prepared for all kinds of extreme environments. The KrSYS project is to ensure the normal operation of the system in extreme situations, including disasters. We must effectively safeguard the rights and interests of each KrSYS user. Please follow in our footsteps and move towards the goal of financial freedom and free wealth.

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