December 6, 2022
  Latest KrT Coin Mining Instructions
  With the continuous improvement of the KrSYS system, we have ushered in a new milestone. The KrT coin mining method has also entered a new stage.

Users who are still using the V59 and below version of the APP need to uninstall the previous APP and reinstall the V60 version of the APP.
Users currently using the V60.0 version of the APP will usually be automatically upgraded to the V60.2 version. If there is no automatic upgrade to V60.2 version. You can delete previous APP versions. Download the new version and install it again.
Before uninstalling the APP, you need to record your account and password.
When downloading the installation file, delete the ".zip" and save it.

Use the V60.2 version of the APP, and log in to the KrSYS system. If "Device Too Old" is displayed, KrT coins cannot be mined with this device. You need to change to a newer mobile device to mine KrT coins.
If "Sign Now" is displayed, please click to enter the security check step. Please keep the screen of your mobile device always on. In this interface, you can also click "Refresh" to check the progress until the security check is completed. Get KrT coins after completing the security check.

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