January 1, 2023
  January 1, 2023 Notice
  In order to maintain a fair and notarized environment, the KrSYS system has been iteratively upgraded recently. A stricter anti-cheat mechanism has been enabled. This upgrade is of great significance to the ecological optimization of KrSYS. Through this mechanism, we can also screen out high-quality users who are truly positive. Significant results have been achieved.

In 2023, the key development directions of the KrSYS project are as follows:
1. Advancement of Star Chain technology.
2. The technical perfection of the golden algorithm.
3. The commercial application value expansion of KrSYS.
4. The cooperation details of several Swiss banks were formulated.

The KrSYS project has achieved remarkable achievements through development, which is obvious to all. In 2023, the KrSYS project will guide all users to continue on the road to wealth.

Happy new year!

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