February 1, 2023
  February 1, 2023 Notice
  With the upgrade of the KrT coin mining method, all KrSYS users have entered the stage of computing power to obtain KrT coins. It's a quiet but significant milestone.
In the early days of the KrSYS project, we performed high-intensity calculations through back-end computing devices, while only one click was needed on the mobile device side.
After our precise calculations, the number of users has reached a number that can undertake some high-intensity calculations.
The current KrT coin acquisition is relying on the user's distributed remote computing power, which is not friendly to some outdated mobile terminals.
The encrypted calculation performed on the mobile terminal is the proof of the authenticity of the mobile device, which is determined by the nature of the computing power to obtain KrT coins.
It is normal for some users to experience slowness in the acquisition process. You don't need to click refresh repeatedly, just wait patiently.
This process is changing according to the performance of the mobile terminal. Generally this process takes less than a minute.
If the network connection is unstable, then this process may be extended to more than 2 minutes.
When your mobile terminal is idle, you can stay on the KrT coin acquisition interface to provide more proof of user authenticity to the KrSYS system.
In the future, the high-intensity calculation of KrT coin acquisition will be further transferred to the side of mobile devices, and the acquisition of KrT coin will also completely rely on users in a not-too-distant future.
user's mobile terminal equipment. At that time, the acquisition and distribution of KrT coins will be more reasonable.
Our policy for KrT coin mining is clear:
First, each user can only have one channel for obtaining KrT coins.
Second, KrT coin is a broad charitable currency.
Third, KrT coins and KrC coins are very valuable.

Over the past 2022, the KrSYS project has been praised in the cryptocurrency space. Resisted more than 200,000 network attacks.
Because of the high transparency of the blockchain, the number of KrSYS partners is also increasing.
KrC coin miners who are rewarded with good cash are also doing their part for the KrSYS system in their own way.
We also appreciate their honesty and wisdom. You will get more of yourself before 2024 so there should be.

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