February 16, 2023
  February 16, 2023 Notice
  The security and stability of the world are being tested. As a well-known European distributed block, it is also actively preparing to deal with all possibilities in the future.
In this context, we are working harder to implement the original plan. In a short period of time, each member must be able to get a solution that is sufficient to deal with these uncertainties. This solution is a wide range of welfare benefits that can be obtained without any real cost for users.
The KrSYS project strictly implements this universal welfare offer with its excellent technical means. This universal welfare offer includes:
Permanent security protection.
permanent social protection.
Permanent personal protection.
Permanent uniqueness protection.
Permanent universal protection.

Whether to accept such benefits will not have any explicit impact on the user's assets.
But after reaching a certain amount, such opportunities will no longer be opened in a short time, unless world security and stability are severely tested.
In the worst case, users who do not accept this benefit still have a certain probability of maintaining their property in the face of the test of world stability.
And all users who receive this benefit can rely on the unique personal certificate of social security to ensure the stability of their property.

Actively follow the existing activities of the KrSYS project and enjoy your wealth.
Opportunities like this were before we became a huge enterprise.
Only very limited opportunities.

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