April 17, 2023
  April 17, 2023 Notice
  We emphasize here again that the KrSYS project is a decentralized digital asset project. Kr's coins are computing power coins, which need to be obtained through hash calculations. In the early days, the founding team of the KrSYS project will help newcomers. With development, each user is expected to lead their own team, serve them and achieve success together. Decentralization is the essence and advantage of digital asset projects. The questioning service channel in the KrSYS project APP application will gradually be converted to a threshold service until it is closed. At present, some invalid questions are no longer answered. This is also an inevitable trend of decentralized projects. I believe that everyone also knows the development history of some other decentralized digital asset projects. This is also an opportunity for every KrSYS user to build their own team. Whether you become a successful leader depends on whether you will seize opportunities. The KrSYS project team will intensify its work on resource docking. We will issue notices from time to time according to the development of the KrSYS project. All users are requested to pay attention and read carefully, and spread the latest news of the KrSYS project with positive energy after a deep understanding. Official notice URL:

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