May 16, 2023
  May 16, 2023 Notice
  With the huge changes in the world's asset flow pattern, the KrSYS project is becoming an important innovator in the important asset liquidation industry in Europe and the world. KrSYS blocks require more powerful computing power to ensure cross-regional clearing capabilities. Lead your own team, serve them and succeed with the KrSYS team.
Decentralization is the essence of digital asset projects. The KrSYS Foundation is inviting high-quality users to participate in the internal asset transfer and conversion procedures of the KrSYS project, which was announced to everyone a long time ago. If you are not invited, please check your team and the number and ratio of assets held. Opportunities are always open to those who are prepared.
All users are requested to pay attention and read carefully, and spread the latest news of the KrSYS project with positive energy after a deep understanding. Official notice URL:

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