July 13, 2023
  July 13, 2023 Notice
  The halving of Bitcoin block rewards every four years is a bull market catalyst that the market expects. The fourth halving is currently predicted to come in April 2024. The block rewards will be reduced from 6.25BTC to 3.125BTC. Mining power and The trade-offs between capital costs such as equipment will become more complex. Due to its unique structure, the KrSYS project has become a good cornerstone to avoid uncertainty. Stablecoins are the cornerstone of the crypto ecosystem. The extensive application of KrSYS in the background turns digital currency settlement into reality. All of this is inseparable from the long-term supply of the majority of mining personnel. Please pay close attention to your registered email address. A good user structure and a reasonable KrSYS token holding ratio are the keys to entering an open trading system.
Please read our announcement carefully, wealth is in your eyes and hands.

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