September 18, 2023
  September 18, 2023 Notice
  The KrSYS project team insists on establishing a comprehensive multi-functional system, which includes transaction security, transaction efficiency, and effective resistance to the impact of extreme world environments. It is a system that contains important financial attributes, but is more than just financial attributes.
Many mid-to-high-level system users have already experienced the powerful effects of the KrSYS system. I believe they will also share the results with the teams they lead, and at the same time bring confidence to people who have not joined the KrSYS project or grassroots users.
According to the key development direction guidelines of the KrSYS project in 2023. We have already achieved preliminary results in many aspects. The key nodes of Starlink technology are progressing. Working with banks to refine the details.
In 2023, the development of the KrSYS project will achieve great results in all dimensions.

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