October 16, 2023
  October 16, 2023 Notice
  The KrSYS project team is shocked by the war in the Gaza Strip, and our mid-level and senior members from all over the world have also expressed concerns about the financial risks it creates.
All members at the forum agreed that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict continues and its derivative impact on the global economy is gradually emerging.
It has brought new uncertainty to global stability that has been impacted by the escalation of the Ukraine crisis, undermined market confidence, and hindered global efforts to curb inflation.
KrSYS intermediate and senior members are also carrying out humanitarian fundraising activities. In this activity, KrSYS will give an equivalent donation of up to 1:1 depending on the number of KrC coins and KrT coins collected.
The total amount of KrC coins and KrT coins finally raised will be converted into local humanitarian assets at the KrSYS terminal at the price on the App that day.
The KrSYS European Art Community is under preparation. Members who have their own opinions on KrSYS art can send their works through the email system, and may also obtain intermediate and advanced qualifications.
It is fully applicable to members holding more than 100KrT coins and 10KrC coins. Your work needs to comprehensively reflect good health, good mood, and a beautiful life.
KrSYS intermediate and advanced members generate tens of thousands of capital flows every week, and we hope that you who will be richer will join and make you richer.

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