November 16, 2023
  November 16, 2023 Notice
  The KrSYS project team strongly supports world peace.
The first phase of KrSYS’s humanitarian fund-raising event for senior and middle-level members has ended.
The KrSYS Foundation has equally donated more than 10 thousand euros of assets to this end.
KrSYS European art community was initially established.
More than 10 members who have their own opinions on KrSYS art sent us their works, and one of them received the intermediate qualification.
The KrSYS European Art Community is continuing to expand and is fully applicable to members holding more than 100KrT coins and 10KrC coins. Your work needs to comprehensively reflect good health, good mood, and a beautiful life.

KrSYS intermediate and advanced members generate tens of thousands of capital flows every week, and we hope that you who will be richer will join and make you richer.

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