December 18, 2023
  December 18, 2023 Notice
  We call for world peace again. The art theme of this issue is peace. Members who hold more than 100KrT coins and 10KrC coins can send peace works that are healthy, happy, and have a good life. They will have the opportunity to obtain intermediate qualifications and enter a more prosperous world.
Many intermediate qualified users have already experienced the power of the KrSYS system to a great extent, and will also share these results with their teams, while bringing confidence to more people who have just joined the KrSYS project.
What is worth celebrating is that we will open an intermediate M qualification channel that is applicable to all members and recruit hundreds of qualified observers of the digital economy.
Qualified observers of the digital economy will directly obtain the intermediate M qualification. Up to 50% of KrC coins and KrT coins held can be converted into other popular digital currencies.
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