January 16, 2024
  Notice on January 16, 2024
  In the past year, many intermediate and senior members have achieved their own success in the KrSYS system and contributed to world peace.

The ongoing Peace Art themed activities have received responses from many members holding more than 100KrT coins and 10KrC coins. KrSYS received many peaceful works that made people feel happy and expressed the beauty of life. They also obtained the intermediate qualifications they deserved, and at the same time brought more members a lot of confidence.

In the last cycle, some new intermediate members sold their KrC coins or KrT coins in the trading system, causing a temporary drop in the trading price of coins in the trading system, but it soon returned to normal levels. This also needs to reiterate the attitude of the KrSYS Foundation.
First of all, KrT coin and KrC coin prices are determined by supply and demand. The KrSYS Foundation makes no commitment of any kind regarding the relationship between KrC Coin and KrT Coin and any fiat currency. Up or down the KrSYS Foundation remains optimistic.
Secondly, intermediate membership and senior membership are obtained by the members themselves, and the KrSYS Foundation does not influence any member's choice.
Third, more intermediate members and senior members will make KrSYS’s value system more complete and stable. The KrSYS Foundation welcomes any optimistic and visionary person to become a member of the intermediate and advanced anonymous membership system.

The World Digital Economy Observer project in 2024 is under preparation. All members who understand the digital economy and participate in various digital currency activities will be observers of the world's digital economy. For members who have completed their work as digital economy observers normally, they will receive part-time remuneration within the scope permitted by law, and the remuneration will not be lower than the minimum salary requirements of Swiss law. Due to the different tax laws in various countries and the high degree of privacy of KrSYS, KrSYS does not assume the responsibility of paying taxes for members and requires members to declare their income in their country.

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