March 16, 2024
  Notice on March 16, 2024
  The wealth realization activity has attracted the active participation of many users, and now more and more users have become truly qualified members. Of course, the ratio of their returns to their efforts has obviously increased geometrically. We do not calculate the real income of these members, because the KrSYS project not only brings members wealth, but also keeps members' wealth confidential, reliable, and free. This is also determined by the mechanism of the KrSYS project. But it is obvious that many members have achieved financial freedom by boldly and actively participating in every process of the KrSYS project and following the development process of the KrSYS project, and this has far exceeded their expectations. KrSYS is a public chain computing power project, and all miners are the owners of the KrSYS project.
The KrSYS project is open and fair to every user. The more you contribute over time, the more wealth you will receive. There are three points to reiterate here. First, KrSYS is a proof-of-computation blockchain. Secondly, KrT coins and KrC coins are equally important. Third, the growth of the team enables you to gain long-term wealth and experience happiness in the KrSYS project. With the rapid development of the KrSYS project, the value of KrC coins and KrT coins has been growing rapidly.

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