May 17, 2024
  Notice on May 17, 2024
  The latest price drop has pushed Bitcoin to its lowest level since February, below the average purchase price paid by short-term holders, sparking panic in the market.
The price of Bitcoin fell as market participants awaited the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision. As expected by analysts, the Fed kept interest rates unchanged at the current high level, which led to a sell-off in the cryptocurrency. The internal trading price of KrSYS is disclosed to all holders in the KrSYS APP. Facts show that the price is still rising steadily, but this rise does not mean that it is a future trend. Members, please stay calm about KrSYS.
Ordinary members who are not eligible to participate in the current transaction, please read our notices in each issue carefully. If you lose your way, look back, read our notice carefully, and complete the task boldly and actively, a large amount of wealth will hit you mercilessly.

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